Adding Multimedia to your Blog – Photos & Videos

Time to make your blog looks more sexy and pretty? A blog with some graphics and videos are always more appealing than plain boring text-only blog. However, adding medias and creating a blog with professional looks is not that scary and hard at all.

First, get started by familiarize yourself with the editing panel of WordPress. Look at the picture below, there is four buttons where you can add medias, from left to right: “Add an Image” button, “Add Video” button, “Add Audio” button and “Add Media” button.

Wordpress Editing Panel

Wordpress Editing Panel

For any websites, there are generally two methods of adding an image to your website.

1. Upload to your web-server.
In this method, your media is saved in your own server. You upload the medias via FTP or the build in uploader software to your website directly. The advantage is that you can make sure your medias will always available for viewing. The disadvantages are it will occupy your server hard disk space, and also the bandwidth.

2. Adding the URL of a media file.
In this method, you are adding a URL of the media file and put it into your website, just like embedding Youtube movie to your website. The Youtube movie is actually located in Youtube server, but because you put the URL in your website, the visitors are able to view the Youtube movie in your website. This is similar to using URL to add the media to your website. The media (image or video) is actually located in other website, and you are just using a adding a place holder for your blog to display the media. The advantage of this method is, you save your hard disk space and also bandwidth. And the disadvantage is you have no control over the media, the owner of the medias may remove the media from his website and this will cause a your blog to show “missing media” as the link is broken.

Both method have it’s own advantage and disadvantage and I recommend using them in mixture. For some medias from reliable sources such as Youtube and Wikipedia, you can simply use the method #2 to save your hard disk space as well as bandwidth. For the remaining medias, it’s better to use method #1 where you upload and save the medias to your server hard disk.

Play around with the medias and you will get familiar with it with days. Remember, a guide for a good looking blog is to have at least one image with every posts. :)

Organizing Your Blog with Category & Page

Why is it important to manage your blog properly? You do not want your reader to leave your blog just because they can’t find something don’t you? By managing your content, differentiate your content to be either a post or a page, and then divide the posts into different categories will give your visitors a sense of organize and direction. They can access your valuable information immediately and easily. Content is your asset and you want to make sure it is delivered to your readers properly.

Beside, this give your readers a feeling that you are serious in providing valuable content for the long run as you have already planned ahead on what you will be sharing.

My earlier post – Before Starting a Blog, do some Blog Planning first, helps you to find out why you want to create a blog. With that purpose and intention in your mind, you have already planned for the content and information you will be sharing in your blog.

So, start with dividing your content to different categories. For example, if you have passion on investing and you want to share your knowledge, skills and experience about investing, you can start with categorizing your blog with different type of investment vehicles, such as stock investment, mutual fund, ETF, unit trust, T-bill, currency exchange, etc. From Stock Investment, you may want to further divide this category to sub-categories such as value investing, speculation, trading, etc… depending on the information you will be sharing. Look at the picture below for a clearer image:

Organizing Your Blog

For articles that are independent and stand-alone, such as a list of NYSE stocks, or some report, you may want to put them as a page. Pages are more static and it looks like a classic HTML page of old-style website. A good example of Pages are – “About” page, “Contact Us” page, “Resources” page, etc.

Another key difference between Post and Page is, the Posts are divided into different categories; while Pages have no categories but only a “Parent Page” that it is linked to. If you click on a category, you see all the posts within that category. But if you click on a page, you see the content of the page. Besides, the URL for Posts and Pages are different too. Look at the screenshot below:

Wordpress Category

Wordpress Category

Wordpress Pages

Wordpress Pages

Alright, so you know why you should organize your blog, and how you can actually do that. I hope this give you some inspiration on organizing your blog to make it more browsable and thus more readers will stick to your blog. Although it is not as important as providing valuable content, but a good organized blog will definitely help in keeping your readers with you!

As always, happy blogging. :)

Start Blogging today!

Ready to blog? Great! But where to start and what to blog about? Here are some tips and topics that you can write about:

  1. The most thing that people blog about now, is their daily life story. It may sounds boring but a lot of readers love such stories.
  2. Some special event that happens in your life, such as a special wedding proposal surprise; a cool lucky draw gift that you won, whatever you like to share the happiness.
  3. Tips on something that you are good at. For example, you are currently engaging in Gym training and you give some review on a certain protein products, weight training system, etc.
  4. Your inspiration. I believe many of you watch Youtube movies (shocking statistic shows that in average, a person watched 183 videos a month!!), so blog about how you feel toward the videos, sometimes it is inspiration one, sometimes it is emotional triggered one… again, it is your blog, your view, your feeling. :)
  5. After a while, you may want to ask your readers toward a certain opinion, or you need to make some sort of decision but have no idea which to decide. So put up a survey question or a simple feedback request to ask your readers to give you some opinion. You will be surprised how many of them will show up and help you when you asked. :)
  6. Daily News. Your point, your view. Well, I am not sure if you should touch about political issue, but please be careful if you are going to talk about this highly sensitive topic. 😉
  7. If you are more to business blog, then the topics around your blog must be very specific and related to your blog.

These are just a few tips and topics that you can blog at. Visit and read other people’s blog then you will get more ideas on what other people is blogging about. Always be creative.

Right now, don’t bother about the design and the layout of your blog, we will come to a topic where a few free cool themes will be given and you will then start to love your blog even more. :)

Short Stories

One of my cousin plays well in Games. Thus he shared a lot of his gaming strategies and technique through his blog. He enjoys doing this as he builds his reputation and position himself as one of the expert in the game industry. He gets to know more like-minded people as well and they become real friend in life. Truly amazing.

Another cousin of mine shares his own personal life story and I was amazed by how many readers that were following his blog since years ago. It’s just a personal life story but many people love to read them and follow.

So, please don’t think that you have nothing to share with other people and you have no value to bring to other people’s life. Everyone is their master of their life, and this is what make us unique in this world. Be confident to yourself, share your voice and feeling today! :)

Oh ya, before I end this topic, just wanted to tell you that – if you start to blog today and record your feeling, your life story along the way, after a few years when you read back your own blog, you will be shocked by all the events that had happened in your life. And you will appreciate that you had started your blog and write down all your experience… trust me, it happens to me.

Cheers, happy blogging. :)

Before starting a blog, do some blog planning first

Alright guys, ready to have your own blog? Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself BEFORE starting a blog:

1. Why do you need a blog?

  • Referring to my first discussion post, what’s your intention to create a blog? Sharing information? Express yourself? Networking? Hobby? Make money? Record your memory?
  • Without having a goal or target for your blog, your blog is half dead at the moment while it was created. Well, it’s true. Maintaining a  blot  blog takes a certain degree of commitment, as well as passion.

2. Who is your audience?

  • This, again, is related to the purpose of your blog. Business? Personal? Friends? Like-minded people? You need to know who is the group of your readers. Unlike a website, blog is more interactive and it requires two-way communication between the webmaster and the visitors. So if you know who will be your readers, you will be able to attract them to visit your blog more often.

3. How Much Time Can You Spend Everyday?

  • If you are a casual blogger, then you are blogging base on your feeling. However, if you want to achieve a business goal, you need to make blogging a daily habit for yourself. Commit at least 1 post per week, blog about everything that related to your business, or what we called – Niche. (A niche is a segment of market, such as for market “Health”, a niche maybe “Exercise”, “Fitness”, “Supplement”, “Pregnancy”, “Child Care”, “Cancer”, etc…)

4. What Blogging Platform do You Want To Use?

  • After you read the previous discussion, you have understood the pros and cons of different blogging platform. So which platform are you going to use? Make a decision and move forward.


5. What is Your Goal? And How would You Access Your Goal?

  • Set a goal for your blog, for example: I wish to expose my blog to 100 visitors in 1 month time; or I want to have at least 5 topic discussed within 1 month; or I want to make $1,000 every week from my blog; or I want to make more friends and know more like-minded people… Once you set a target for your blog, then draft a plan on how are you going to access your goal? We will talk about the tracking and analyzing in the coming discussion. At this moment, keep this in mind – You need to have a goal, and an assessment plan for your blog.


6. How are You Going to Promote Your Blog?

  • This is more for those who start a blog for the purpose of business or monetization. And this is where amateur bloggers are differentiated from professional bloggers. Pro-bloggers know exactly how to “market” their blog, in business sense. Thus, at the beginning before even started their blog, they already have in their mind on what to blog, when to blog, what is the expectation and how to promote their blog.


If you have firm answers for all the above questions, then congratulation! You are very well ready to have your own blog. If you have not, no worry… You are just like most of us – we do not know why we need a blog at the beginning. But do not worry, start to create a FREE hosted blog, and learn along the journey. You will discover the fun and joy of blogging, I promise! :)

Happy blogging! :)